Mosquitoes are probably the most hated pests on Earth, and for good reason. These bloodsucking insects will swarm you each time you step outside and buzz around you relentlessly, delivering itchy bites whenever they get the chance. Worse still, mosquitoes carry many diseases like West Nile virus and malaria, resulting in the deaths of over one million people around the world every year. While diseases-carrying mosquitoes aren’t as common in the Midwest as many other parts of the globe, it’s still a danger you should be concerned about.

Unfortunately, as every homeowner in Wisconsin and Michigan knows, keeping mosquitoes out of your backyard during spring and summer is a constant challenge. If you want to learn how to effectively prevent mosquito infestations on your property, just keep reading.


The Best Way to Avoid Mosquito Issues in Your Backyard

Bug spray is only a temporary repellent for mosquitoes and not a very effective one. In case you didn’t know, bug zappers are totally useless at killing mosquitoes, which are drawn to carbon dioxide, not light. To reduce populations of mosquitoes in your backyard, try these strategies:


All of these tactics will reduce mosquito activity around your home in Wisconsin or Michigan but won’t thoroughly exterminate mosquitoes. If you want to do that, you’ll need to work with a licensed local pest control company. At Turf Badger, we’ve developed a tried-and-tested program for exterminating mosquitoes year-round so that you can enjoy your backyard without any buzzing or biting.

If you sign up for our mosquito prevention plan, our trained experts will visit your property five times between spring and fall to administer mosquito control treatments for your backyard. We use foggers to thoroughly spread our treatments through your lawn and garden beds, wiping out any mosquitoes lurking on your property. You won’t have to worry about kids or pets getting sick, either; our environmentally friendly mosquito control products are EPA-approved and fast-drying, so your whole family can quickly get back to enjoying the backyard once our crew has finished their work.


Want Help to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard?

If you want to enjoy a mosquito-free summer, then it’s time to work with a trusted local pest control company. Contact Turf Badger today if you want us to provide our mosquito control services for the backyard of your home in eastern Wisconsin or UP Michigan!

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