Pest infestations don’t just contaminate your home; they destroy your peace of mind. After all, how can you rest comfortably knowing that a mouse or a roach might scurry out from beneath the cupboards at any moment? Unfortunately, pest infestations are a common problem for homeowners in Eau Claire. Every year, thousands have to contend with rodents and bugs invading their living spaces and wreaking havoc.

Once pests have established themselves on your property, they can be a nightmare to get rid of. It’s best to take measures to prevent pests from entering your home to begin with. Continue reading to learn some tips for keeping pests out of your home in Eau Claire.


4 Great Pest Prevention Tips

  1. Securely Store Your Food – Pests are driven by the same basic needs as us, and the need to eat often tops that list. From ants to rats, many pests found in Eau Claire are commonly drawn inside our homes by the smell of what’s in our kitchens. Most pests aren’t picky eaters, either; they’ll munch away at all types of table scraps, raid your kitchen garbage, and eat crumbs off the floor. To keep pests out of your home, store all of your food in airtight containers. Don’t ever leave food sitting out in the open air overnight, either. It’s also a good idea to dispose of food garbage regularly and in a trash can with a tight lid.
  2. Keep Doors & Windows Airtight – If you’ve noticed drafts or leaks coming from your window or door frames, here’s more bad news: pests can get in, too. Ants, roaches and other small pests can easily slip in around doors and windows where the weatherproof sealant has deteriorated. When you find that your windows and exterior doors are no longer airtight, apply fresh sealant to keep both pests and the elements out. For added protection, consider installing door sweeps at the bottoms of any doors to the outside so that pests can’t crawl in beneath them.
  3. Close Off Entry Points – If pests aren’t coming in under our doors and through our windows, they usually get in through cracks in the exteriors of our homes. At least twice per year, thoroughly inspect your siding and roof for any holes or cracks that bugs could slip through. When you find openings, use a durable sealant to close them off. Pests may also enter through necessary openings such as dryer vents. Install mesh barriers over exterior vent openings to exclude pests from your home in Eau Claire.
  4. Hire a Pest Control Company – While following the above tips will make your home less vulnerable to pest issues, your smartest option is to contact a pest control company in Eau Claire to provide pest-proofing services for your home. Licensed and trained operators have the necessary equipment to prevent pests from entering your home or lawn. Pest control professionals are also trained on the safest and most effective ways to get rid of all types of pests that have already become a problem on your property.


A Trusted Pest Control Provider in Eau Claire

Keeping your home safe from pests is best accomplished with proactive, preventative services from pest control specialists. Get in touch with Turf Badger today if you need help to keep pests out of your home in the Eau Claire area!

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